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Don't Touch My Hair

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Most recent, the feature people notice about me first while out is my hair. Lots of questions about what products I use and how what when where why. I can dig it! I have this Golden pile of cotton candy curly fries sitting on top of my head that seems to attract random stranger hands from all walks of life.

My hair has always been naturally curly. As I get older and things change it's difficult to find ways to define my curls without doing a wash and go every other day. I am continuously on a learning curve about my hair the. My natural hair texture is in between 3b and 3c (pictured). Need help finding your curl pattern click here. I have been natural since 2007 when I had my first child(who is now 12). It was actually all an accident(going natural) because being a new mom and single, I had very little time for self care and that relaxer every couple of months just became a non factor. I have big chopped my hair twice. My Most recent BIG CHOP was when I was going through my divorce a couple years ago. You know what they say when she breaks up with you and cuts her hair.. That means she is absolutely done and that I was! I cut my hair from about 17 inches to right above my shoulders maybe 8 inches. A really cute little mid length bob. Since then my hair has grown back and is at 15 inches my last length check.

It may look like I have thick hair but in reality my hair is very fine I just have 200 bazillion strands of it. In fact my hair is so fine the if I were to grease my scalp I'd look like a homeless person within a couple of hours. its all Bad News. My hair is actually pretty low maintenance and I'm extremely thankful for that. My current hair routine is as follows:

Wash Day Treseme Moisture Rich Line

My Assisted Curls

This style below was created with my Wand Curler that Ive actually owned for 3 years and just started using it on my natural hair! What in the world have I been doing with my life? It takes me about 45 mins to wand curl my entire head I usually let them rest while I brush my teeth and do my makeup and sometimes I don't separate the waves/curls until I get to work. The curls last all week and I freaking Love it!

That's it! I Pineapple my hair at night shake it out in the morning and I'm ready to go. I may add a headband or throw in a braid across the top. This has been my go to style and its way easier than it looks.

The Color

My Hair natural dark brownish red so to get this level it is triple processed over a span of about 4 months to get what i call Becky Blonde. This may be my permanent color I've gotten so many complements on it I may just have to keep it as long as I don't fry my hair. Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize!

To lighten my hair I use Wella Products the Multi Blonde Lightning powder is my favorite Paired with a 30 vol liquid developer. Because my hair has a red undertone my blonde naturally pulls brassy so I tone it with Wella Color Charm T18.

Hope I Have inspired you beauties to be adventurous with you locks. If you have any questions just shoot me a message here! or Dm me on Instagram. I always love connecting with you all!

Till next time

Love Your Light

Khatera J

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