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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Its been forever since we've talked right?!?

Oh my gosh so much has happened! I started a new job. I bought a house! I got a divorce. I had an awakening. My kids launched their own business. I got back on the dating scene. I know, I knowwww... We'll get more into the details of those events as the weeks go by. You're probably like WTF! I promise I will have a dedicated post for each of these life events! I Promise to be more consistent, I'm really going to try hard this time but to be completely honest, man I struggle with consistency. I'm getting better and that's what really counts!

So, what have I been up to? At the moment I'm trying to reorganize my social media accounts into something productive. One day I looked up and I had like 6 Instagram accounts, 3 twitter accounts, 4 Facebook pages and a linkedin account. How does this happen? Well, I have a personal Facebook page which I have 4 pages connected to.

2 for my business, one for my blog and 1 for the kids business. With Instagram, I have 2 pesonal accounts one prior to divorce and one post divoirce. The original account has the most followers and has my original business screen name so I couldn't just let it go you know? But... I wanted to release everything that my x had any affiliation with. This account was created before the whole idea of a business IG acc

ount.  All of my  client pictures lived there all of my client reviews as well as my wedding and date night photos. whomp whomp. Instead of deleting it I took it strictly business deleted all the photos that annoyed me and then created my personal IG account.

I also have an IG account for the kids business and one for my other business, Me and the kids also have a YouTube channel

My first step to organizing my social media accounts it to schedule social media  post and follower engagement on specific days.  Its crazy trying to manage 5 accounts all at the same time on the same day. I'll share my schedule with you in another post in the future.

I learned so much from my friend Kim whom I solicited to manage my social media accounts back when I was rich and wealthy.

Kimmie Ink Made my life so much easier It was like Autopilot or cruise control except for social media. Literally all I did was send her the content I wanted to post and she did the rest. She focused on the aesthetics, she built a dialog with my followers and my inbox was lit(insert flame emoji)! After our contract ended I was so sad and I can honestly say that account was never the same.  Kim does amazing work and she is super laid back and handled my spas moments  like a pro, almost as good as my therapist! If I had the extra money I would definitely use her services again. But life happens and I am currently not in the position to spend any extra coins. But as soon as I secure a big enough bag shes getting all the business! If you are looking to invest in your self or business hit her up!

I started my blog so long ago and then all of a sudden life happened and i didn't have time. That really sucked. I felt like i lost my self during that period of time. I can say that its been quite the adventure finding myself again.

I had this epiphany one day and i literally said out loud " I can do whatever the FUCK I want to do". I realized I was living my life for other people and I put myself last. Not anymore! I'm learning what things I love and what things/people I dislike. I love me! Like, I'm super dope it's ridiculous! And its okay to tell myself that. I have learned so much about my self I'm excited for you all to hear about it. I have to warn you, at some points shit got real! Ive cried, Ive laughed, Ive been lost, you name it I have been there. But you know whats so awesome? Life is still happening and there is so much more to experience.  My kids are happy, we have a permanent home and stable environment and we don't need anything! This is true adulting the kind of stuff they don't teach you in school. I have so many goals I want to accomplish and I think this blog is going to help me get focused, I definitely need that! Being a creative is great and all except I'm all over the place most of the time. I mean, I get shit done but its in cycles if that makes any sense. It's like one day I'm dedicated to abstract painting, then I get on Pinterest looking for tips and tricks. All of a sudden I'm looking at juicing recipes and ive ordered a Juicer

  off Amazon Prime. This is a real story by the way I actually have that exact juicer sitting on my kitchen counter right now. See what I mean?

Oh my gosh I can't wait to share with you my dating horror stories and grown ass female drama. I have a few other business ventures I'm trying to get up and running. My Facebook Page Khatera Life & Style should be live soon! I'm still working out some kinks, please be patient with me! I still do Makeup by referral. I kind of want to get  more into fashion, but just for me though. I just really love playing dress up you know? I just want to do everything that brings me joy! Anyways, I'm all over the place already so I'll just leave this post as is. I know this is not the traditional blog format but hey nothing about my life is traditional. I want this to be more like a conversation. Your best friend just came over and y'all crack open a bottle of wine and share the tea! That's exactly what this is, I'm spilling all the tea about my everyday life. Ive got a extra juicy post planned for next week, so check back then. Hope to see you soon. If you miss my face too much you can check out some of my old youtube videos in the mean time.

Love Your Light

Khatera J

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