Shop Your Closet: How to Make Cute Outfits with Old Clothes

Shop Your Closet: How to Make Cute Outfits with Old Clothes

We tend to go back to the same outfits we know and love, especially when we’re in a rush and when there’s no time in the morning to experiment with our clothes. This can often leave us feeling tired and uninspired by the items in our wardrobe, and give off that ‘I have nothing to wear’ effect. Today I want to shed some light on how you can shop through your own clothes and learn how to create different outfits from your closet. Hopefully these tips can provide you some inspiration to sort through your clothing and start getting excited again about your wardrobe. Have an Outfit Layout Session

I know mornings can be a huge rush and the last thing you want to do is think about what you have to wear, so if you want to rethink your wardrobe and find new ways to wear items you own then you need to set up a little bit of time to experiment.

Set aside an afternoon one evening or weekend to go through your closet. Pick out an item you’d like to experiment with and lay it out on your bed. Then go back to your closet and start grabbing a variety of different items that could go with it. The key is not to think about it too much and just pull out your clothing so you can start experimenting with it. Once you have grabbed a bunch of pieces then you can start mixing and matching. For example, if you picked out a blouse you wanted to wear then start laying out different bottoms with it and see how they look together. This is a great exercise to be able to visualize different things together that you might not have thought of before. Once you’ve found a few different bottoms to pair your blouse with you can start completing the outfits with accessories. Try matching different bags, and shoes to your final looks and see where it gets you.

Mix Different Styles Don’t be afraid to mix up different styles while you’re experimenting. You’ve set aside this time to go through your closet, so anything goes and if it doesn’t work then move on to the next but don’t let anything hold you back. There are no rules in fashion so don’t be afraid to mix casuals with dressy items, or maybe something sporty with something else. Here’s a few ideas for mixing styles:

  • A graphic t-shirt under a blazer

  • Ripped denim with a nicer blouse

  • Jeans and a blazer

  • Joggers with some pumps or strappy sandals

  • Sneakers with a dress

  • Skirt with a basic t-shirt

There’s a lot of different possibilities, you just have to play around and see for yourself what works and doesn’t with your clothes.

Layer Pieces Don’t be afraid to practice layering your clothes either, now is the time to find that extra item that you could use to layer up your outfits. See if you could add a jacket or blazer, or maybe layer an oversized shirt over a more fitted shirt, or maybe even adding a belt around your look for something different. Multi-Purpose Items

Try to think outside the box with your clothes while you do your experimenting, basically don’t feel like you have to wear something exactly the way it came. For example, if you have a few different dresses in your closet maybe try putting a top or a sweater over top of them, turning your dress into something that it wasn’t before. You could also try this trick with any rompers or jumpsuits you might own.

Take Photos Lastly, take some photos of these new outfits that you’ve created laying out on your bed so you don’t forget after you put everything away. Then when you’re in a pinch one morning try to figure out what to wear you can look back on your photos.

There’s also plenty of apps you can use to help you see everything you have in your closet. They take some time to set up because you need to photograph everything you have in your closet, but once it’s done it’s a great visual tool for mixing and matching your clothes. The app that I recently downloaded is called Style Book, you can check it out here if you’re interested.

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