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South Padre Island

SPI sunrise

When the kids are on my last nerve and we all need a quick little beach getaway. we just shoot right down 35 and head to SPI. I think the pandemic has us all in our feels right now. We just have this need to live without restrictions... Lol well within reason! The kids are tired of looking at each other and me, (transparent mommy moment) and I'm tired of looking at them. In perspective I now work from home and the kids are completely homeschooled (Also done by me). I get off work/school and I still have to mom!!! Homework(yes, homeschool still has homework after the regular work). I then have to be Molly the maid.. Chef.. Nanny.. Everybody! Its ridiculous!! I say all that to say... That we really needed a vacation this year. A real one!

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The drive from Oklahoma City is 10.5 hours. We rented this cute Toyota Sienna from Budget. It was a hybrid, I think it took about $90 gas there and back and we didn't even need gas in town because it ran electric! As spacious and efficient as the mini van was I'm not switching cars anytime soon!

We stayed at La Copa Inn. The rooms were nice and the staff was friendly. My top 3 highlights for this hotel:

1) The Location of this hotel is Everythinnggggg.

2) The Poolside Bar makes amazingly strong drinks and the hotel serves Starbuks!

3) Hearty breakfast included with the stay and the pizza from the restaurant in the hotel is amazing and and makes an awesome beach snack

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Sunrises on the beach!

We try to wake up every morning and watch the sunrise. The pictures look like post cards. The golden hour also yields some phenomenal selfies!

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SpaceX rocket landing!

While we were lounging by the pool all of a sudden the hotel windows the deck and everything started to rumble. It was overcast that day so we couldn't see past the clouds but it sounded like a plane was passing over very low and slow. The sound was continuous and it it went on for almost 5 minutes. and by the look on all the other guest faces it was like the world was ending and we couldn't move. We later found out by watching the local news that SpaceX had successfully landed some new high tech rocket at their base near the island. My kids thought it was so cool that they were actually in South Padre when it happened. Hindsight, it was super cool but in the moment we were kind of shook!

Pier 19 Restaurant

Before we headed out on our excursion we had lunch at Pier 19. This place has the best Ceviche! Ever! Annnnndddd its conveniently located where the Osprey Eco Crusie launches from.

Oszprey Eco tour

We took a dolphin watch and eco on one of our free days. The kids absolutely loved this! The tour is chartered by Osprey Cruises located on Pier 19. During the first 15 minutes of sailing the crew drags a new through the gaby to catch some sea life. When they pull the net its full of whatever was crawling on the ocean floor. Each creature is explained and passed around, its like a hands on sea life course. Its super affordable around $20 per person, just call and reserve your spot before you go. The 2:00pm tour is the most popular.

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