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What’s in my bag?!?

Here is a list of the things I've been carrying around in my bag all month. Most of the items are permanent like my planner and Ipad. I end up switching out the cosmetics and lotion like most of girls do. But any who lets get right into it in no particular order!

Travel size deodorant - Gotta stay fresh where ever whenever

2020 Planner The brand Clementine is my favorite I found this one at for $10 at Marshall’s

Ipad Pro & Pencil - I am ready to draw and create anywhere!

Jergens Lavender Body Butter Moisturizer Lavender

- got it in my Walmart Beauty box which is only $5!! click the link to sign up Neeooowww!

Sephora Collection lip gloss, 3 Bucks!!! don’t sleep on it 

Vaseline, Rosy Lips, Lip Therapy

Benefit Benetint lip and cheek stain

- because black girls wear blush too

Spiral Notebook I found at Marshall’s by Fringe Studio - they have the best affordable stationery selection hands down

Some Washi tape

- because you never know when you will have to craft

My Tarot deck

- it’s got Chocolate royalty in it and it is beautifully illustrated (tarot Illuminati by Kim Huggins|Eric Dunne) your welcome

Mario Badescu facial spray

- it’s like a mid day reset button for my face

24K Gold Sparkling Oil Serum

- I’m extra and I like to glow, reference my look book for examples!

Well That's it my loves! That's all I got in my bag this month.

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